Best Builder in Wickford

Best Builder in Wickford
It’s easy to make claims about being the best builder in Wickford, but some services are more reputable and reliable than others. However, we have many great reasons to believe we can provide the excellence you need when you’re looking for the best Wickford builder on the local market.

Here’s why.
A clear commitment to quality and dedication.
At Kirkwood Extensions and Architectural Design, we pride ourselves on creating extensions of the highest quality. Our commitment to meeting the finest standards is evident in every project we undertake.

Client-centric approach
Another reason for choosing us when you’re looking for the best builder in Wickford is that we regard our clients as friends rather than just customers. This personal touch ensures that your experience with us isn’t just a transaction. Our relationships with our clients are built upon trust and mutual respect.


We are committed to transparency in all aspects of your project. We show you a clear roadmap for your project and also offer a straightforward payment schedule with clearly defined stages. When you choose us, you’re always up-to-date with the progress being made and aware of what the next step is.

Community engagement
We also stand apart from the competition thanks to the way we work closely with the local community and champion a wide range of local causes. We always ensure that the work we carry out not only meets individual needs but makes a positive contribution to the local neighbourhood.

Effective communication

When you choose us for your home extension, you receive the services of a dedicated Project Manager who will work closely alongside you from start to finish. They will become your primary point of contact and ensure each step of the project is as smooth as it is clear.

Talented and experienced home improvement professionals
At Kirkwood Extensions and Architectural Design, we take a great deal of pride in our talented team. Our Project Managers are skilled, genuine and easy to work with. We provide all the tools and training our team require in order to deliver exceptional results.

A keen eye for detail
When it comes to the small details, we offer a highly meticulous approach. We pay very close attention to each element of your project, from plastering to brickwork and rendering to roofing.

Word-of-mouth excellence
A great deal of our clients come to us thanks to the word-of-mouth process. Many of our projects have been the result of our clients recommending us to their friends and families. Why not take a look at our reviews today? We are incredibly proud of the exceptional feedback we have received from our clients.

When you choose Kirkwood Extensions and Architectural Design for your single-storey home extension, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a builder that not only delivers on craftsmanship but also values communication, transparency, community engagement, and client satisfaction.
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