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How We’re Helping

Believing in Barnado’s message, Kirkwood have pledged to offer all the support we can. To help make a difference in children’s lives across Essex and the UK, we have pledged to give a percentage of our profits to Barnardo’s. These funds will go a long way to helping establish and maintain activities and programmes for young people. For many children, this could make a huge difference.

But we’re not stopping there! We’re also going to host several events throughout the year, raising awareness of the issues faced by children every day. This is a cause we wholeheartedly believe in, and we’re dedicated to doing what we can to improve the lives of children in the UK.

To learn more about the stunning work that Barnardo’s do and get involved, head on over to Barnardo’s.

About Barnardo’s

Starting as a “ragged school” to help disadvantaged children all the way back in 1867, Baranado’s continued to offer more and more support. Having grown considerably since our humble beginnings, we are now able to help hundreds of thousands of children, young people and carers.

Barnardo’s don’t judge any of the children who need their help, treating every child and young person equally. They take the time to listen to and support every child that comes to them, giving them the help they need. In a time where support is needed more than ever, Barnardo’s is there for all children.

Believe in Children

Barnardo’s are dedicated to building a better future for the UK’s most vulnerable children. Since being established in 1867, Barnardo’s has grown massively, helping hundreds of thousands of children and young people across the UK.

Supporting Young People

Barnardo’s give hundreds of thousands of children opportunities and support, listening to every case without judgement and reservations. They are supportive, fair and sympathetic to every issue that they come across.

Our Promise

Kirkwood are dedicated to supporting Barnardo’s in any way we can. We have pledged to donate a percentage of our company profits towards Barnardo’s, helping to support their activities and programmes for children and young people across the UK.

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