5 Things To Consider Before You Start A Home Extension

Plastered Walls ready for decoration at a Modern rear Extension by Kirkwood Build

Extending your home is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although home extensions come with substantial benefits, there are still many things to consider while you’re deciding if an extension is right for you. Things can seem even more complex if you know little about what’s involved in an extension. Thankfully, we have put together this guide to ensure you know what you need to think about before you get to work on a home extension.

Planning permission

Not all home extensions in Essex need planning permission, but it’s always best to check if you do before any work goes ahead. You can either ask us or you’ll need to speak to your local authority planning department to find out whether you need it or not. They’ll tell you whether you need to apply and explain the process to you if necessary. You will also need to ensure that your project is compliant with building regulations or again you can ask us.


Your budget will play a big role in determining whether a home extension is right for you, and the kind of features you can opt for if you are able to go ahead. There are many things that can drive up costs alongside the extension itself, and these can include lighting, flooring, kitchen, bi-folds, decoration and in-built appliances.

Finding the right designer or architect

It’s also very important to spend time seeking out the right architect or designer for your project. It’s vital not to rush into this. If you are interested in working with a specific designer or architect, ask about the work they have carried out in the past and ask to see examples of previous projects. You may also be able to talk to other clients to find out about their experiences.

Access for builders

If you are having building work carried out, make sure they’ll have enough space to carry out their work. They will need access to space outside your home for vehicles and space inside your home for large pieces of equipment. They’ll also need to be able to get in and out of your property with ease.

Keep disruption to a minimum

Disruption is inevitable when you’re having a home extension built. However, there are steps we take to try and keep this to a minimum. The Kirkwood team will seal off the other parts of your home as well as they can as this can stop dust, noise and cold from reaching these areas. We will also need to provide the workers with essential facilities like a portable toilet.

Although planning an extension in your home can seem challenging, taking the steps outlined above can keep much of the stress and strain to a minimum.

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